Cutting Edge FPGA Solutions used in

Biocomputing, High Performance Computing,
Networking Acceleration, Data Centers,
Defense & Security, Artificial Intelligence

DeCypher Biocomputing Solutions

DeCypher® is a modular biocomputing system that offers enterprise-level scalability. It combines TimeLogic’s proprietary FPGA hardware, optimized software, high-reliability servers, and fast storage & network connectivity into a genomics appliance with excellent reliability, accuracy and throughput.

Using a combination of custom Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) accelerator cards and highly-parallelized implementations of some of the fundamental bioinformatics algorithms modules, TeraBLAST™, DeCypherSW™, VelociMapper™, DeCypherHMM™, GeneDetective™ and Tera-Probe™, you can run high-throughput analyses with industry leading performance.


FPGA – Accelerator Board Solutions

The global market of FPGAs is growing at enormously high rate and popularity. Key benefits of FPGA technology are High Performance, Short Time-to-Market, Cost Effective Solution, Reliability, Long-Term Maintenance and flexibility of updating the design as FPGAs are programmed and configured by the end-user.

This cutting edge technology are used to accelerate high-performance computationally intensive systems in areas as of Storage Acceleration, Networking Acceleration, Artificial Intelligence, Defense & Security, High Frequency Trading.

The FPGA boards, based on the latest Intel or Xilinx (AMD) high-density FPGA technologies, have almost limitless applications and can easily be adapted in order to fulfill new projects and required customer specifications.